Cock-Lug Lugged Cockring


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Color : Black
Country of Origin : US
COCK-LUG is Oxball's plush, stretchy, pure silicone cockring designed for comfortable wear and a bigger bulge without the bulk. It's the right-size comfort ring with added "lugs" that push you up and out with max air flow under your nuts and less weight.

The rubbery nubs squiggle around as you JO or play... they are super stretchy, squishy, and soft so you feel them do their thing - Oxballs adds details that add more feels to your gear.

The lush, squishy-soft feel makes this cockring perfect for a long-lasting bigger bulge. it's blubbery and smooth bu thas enough grip to stay where you put it. This ring is super-rubbery to fit any size guy and the thick shape pushes you up and out.

COCK-LUG keeps you boned without too much bulk and won't pinch your package.

Oxballs makes all of their Liquid Platinum Silicone toys in Los Angeles using the absolute best stuff possible. They custom mix silicone and colors for every batch and the toys are made by hand - the only way to get the right feel and rich, bold color for every design. You just can't achieve this with machine made gear. Oxball's goal is the absolute best design, feel, and color for every Platinum Silicone toy made... machine made gear can't match this stuff.

• Sized to give max bulge without the bulk
• Made in small batches using super soft, stretchy Liquid Platinum Silicone
• Soft and stretchy material fits guys of any size
• All the benefits of a cockring but without discomfort or pinching
• Comfortable design pads you up and out for a bigger, longer lasting boner

Height: 1" (25.4m)
Width: 2.5" (64mm)
Length: 3.6" (92mm)
Outside Circumference: 8.1" (206mm)
Outside Diameter: 3.6" (92mm)
Inside Circumference: 4.1" (105mm)
Inside Diameter: 1.3" (33mm)

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